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English Language

Biola University’s English Language Program (ELP) will equip you with the English skills you need to be successful in the classroom, in your career, and in your daily life.

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Track Overview

The English Language Program offers the following two English-support tracks:

Language-Learning Track: This track allows domestic or international students to improve their English-language proficiency to reach their university, career or ministry goals. Students who successfully complete the final level of ELP and pass the exit exam will receive a language waiver to Biola’s undergraduate or graduate program. This track is required for provisionally accepted students.

Degree Track: This track offers all students (monolingual and bilingual) the opportunity to improve their academic English skills while earning their undergraduate or graduate degree at Biola.

Whatever track you choose, you’ll be able to take advantage of Biola University’s unique opportunities for personal and spiritual development, all while accessing a nationally ranked Christian education in the heart of Southern California.


Admissions Requirements and Additional Information

Students must meet the following admissions requirements to be admitted to the English Language Program:

  1. Be a believer of the Lord Jesus Christ
  2. Received a high school diploma or its equivalent
  3. Meet the minimum TOEFL or IELTS requirement (see chart below). Please note that the Language Learning Track has varying levels, and graduate students must receive additional approval for entrance into Academic English Program (AEP). Please contact for any questions.

Language-Learning Track

Program Level TOEFL iBT IELTS
Undergraduate Level 1: 55–62
Level 2: 63–69
Level 1: 5.0
Level 2: 5.5
(for programs with a minimum TOEFL iBT 90+ or IELTS 7.0 requirement)
Level 1: 55-63
Level 2: 64-72
Level 3: 73-80
Level 4: 81-89
Level 1: 5.0
Level 2: 5.5
Level 3: 6.0
Level 4: 6.5
(for programs with a minimum of TOEFL iBT 100+ or IELTS 7.5 requirement)
Level 1: 65-72
Level 2: 73-80
Level 3: 81-89
Level 4: 90-99
Level 1: 5.5
Level 2: 6.0
Level 3: 6.5
Level 4: 7.0

Degree Track

Program Level TOEFL iBT IELTS
Undergraduate ALP: 70–79 ALP: 6.0
(for programs with a minimum TOEFL iBT 90+ or IELTS 7.0 requirement)
AEP: 81-89 (with department approval) AEP: 6.5 (with department approval)
(for programs with a minimum of TOEFL iBT 100+ or IELTS 7.5 requirement)
AEP: 90-97 (with department approval) AEP: 7.0 (with department approval)

Since Language-Learning courses are already offered at a discounted rate ($554 per credit), there are no scholarships available through Biola. However, students are encouraged to apply for external scholarship opportunities. Accelerated Language Program students are encouraged to explore Biola’s International Student Scholarships (Undergraduate). Academic English Program students are likewise encouraged to apply for Biola’s International Student Scholarships (Graduate). Additionally, U.S. permanent residents and U.S. citizens students can apply for FAFSA.

Explore additional information about admissions, enrollment and graduation requirements in the Biola University Catalog.


Enrollment Process

Once you are accepted into Biola University at the undergraduate, graduate or language learning level, you will receive a formal acceptance email and letter. Please review the following information for more details on the enrollment process.

All enrollment tasks and payment must be complete by December 18 to begin in the spring term or August 15 to begin in the fall term. A late fee may apply after the deadline.

  1. Begin the process of applying for your visa.
  2. Pay your enrollment deposit through My Account to save your spot at Biola. More information on how to set up your My Account will be given to you following your acceptance.
  3. After submitting your deposit, you’ll also need to complete several enrollment tasks through My Account. These tasks include (but are not limited to) setting up your Biola email account, enrolling for courses, registering for on-campus housing and a meal plan, applying for health insurance and making the semester payment.


Why Join Biola’s English Language Program?

The English Language Program at Biola offers you several advantages, including:

Language Learning

Advance your proficiency in English reading, writing, listening and speaking through expert instruction and specially designed programs. Interact with experienced and supportive Christian faculty, teaching assistants and tutors who are committed to your academic success and personal growth.

Cultural Immersion

Experience the best of Southern California and interact with English speakers — all while engaging in a diverse university community that includes over 600 global students from more than 40 different countries.

Accessible Support Services

Biola’s Learning Center offers one-on-one and group tutoring for a fee, and the Rhetoric & Writing Center provides help with any writing assignments, research reports, graduate theses, conference presentations and conversational English for three free 50-minute appointments each week.